Who we are?


Our company, founded in the year 1968, is reference a national level in the handling of a great variety of recyclable residue. We have a trajectory of more than four decades that guarantee our experience in the design of solutions, which has transformed us into a leading company with clients in the local and international market.

We count on highly capable personnel, latest generation equipment such as the Know-How to resolve a great variety of problems about waste management, designing environmentally friendly solutions and fully complying with departmental and national regulations.

Our objective is to offer the businesses consulting services, design and implementation of solutions for all their category II residue, being an important agent in the care and preservation of the environment, transforming the recyclable residue into raw material and providing a correct destination to all those non-recyclables, according to the current national and international regulations.

We implement a process of technological update and continual improvement of our processes and services, always offering the best solutions in the integral handling of all types of residue, investing in latest generation technology, also in the continual equipping of our entire personnel, maintaining a strong commitment with society and the environment.

Our company works with REPAPEL receiving and conditioning its material in order to incorporate it into the recycling circuit

REPAPEL is a Civil Organization dedicated to the Education for the Sustainable Development which seeks through sensibility, education and formation, to generate substantive changes in the consumption and discard habits and patterns, as generators of environmental and social impacts.


Through a signed agreement with the NATIONAL PATRONAGE OF IMPRISONED AND RELEASED we offer opportunities of labor insertion to persons who are looking to reinstate into society as integral individuals.

THE NATIONAL PATRONAGE OF IMPRISONED AND RELEASED is an annex of the Interior Ministry and focuses on working toward the reinstatement of the released into society, through labor insertion and avoiding the recidivism of those who were deprived of their liberty.


Depósito Pedernal actively participates, through the permanent donation of raw material, in the project called “Create Recycle Value” of MIDES (Ministry for Social Development), in agreement with the ONG El Abrojo, who coordinate the project since March of 2015.

Depósito Pedernal’s role in the project is to provide the cardboard to transform into craft, not just raw material into products of value for the society, but positively impact their lives, through an activity of great dignity, amply satisfactory and with economic return.

The project functions with much success at the CEDEL (Center for Local Economic Development) located at Parque Rivera, from Monday through Thursday, during the hours of 1pm to 5pm.


Papelera Pedernal specializes in the wholesale and retail commercialization of industrial packaging and cleaning products. Our mix of products covers a wide variety of papers*, paperboards in rolls*, sheets*, cotton cleaning cloths, non-woven rags and white Premium burlap.

Pedernal 1987 – Tel (00598) 22043357 Hours Monday through Friday 8:00am to 12:00pm, and 1:15pm to 5:30pm. ventas@papelerapedernal.com